Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Backup Storage Capacity

Used for backing up to the cloud important files and folders such as database backup files, documents, media files (images, audio and videos).

Payment Model: Monthly subscription




Disaster Recovery (DR) Storage Capacity

Used to store image or backup of a whole server or system to cloud with a ready option of turning ON a virtualized copy in case the on-prem physical server goes down.

Payment Model: Monthly subscription




Virtualized Server on Cloud per CPU core per RAM per Hour

Resources that will be used in case a virtualized copy of a backed up system or server (for Disaster Recovery option above) is powered ON in the cloud during disaster or on-prem physical server outage.

Payment Model: Pay-per-use only


If you want to secure business continuity in the event of unexpected disaster, do get in touch with us and we’ll visit you to help.