Your 2020 Digital Transformation Starts Now!

Meet the new year with an effective digital transformation tool for your business through Odoo 13!

With 10,000+ modules or apps, Odoo covers all your business needs in a one-stop-shop solution. Odoo apps are perfectly integrated to each other allowing a fully seamless automation of your business processes!

Odoo 13 was released on the 4th of October, 2019 and as with previous versions, there’s a plethora of major and minor improvements and new features that enhance the user interface and functionality for users.

Odoo is celebrated as one of the most user-friendly and highly customizable ERPs for any small and medium-size business.

Its motto: Fast, Simple and Effective Business Management, is what makes odoo the leading open-source ERP in the world. This is also what makes Odoo the prominent and most favorite choice among business enterprises. With the release of version 13, Odoo has become all the more fit and robust to meet the diversified needs of businesses.

With over 3.5 million users worldwide, Odoo ERP is proving that it is one of the finest applications for business management anywhere in the world.

Now, let us see the new features introduced in Odoo 13:

Sales Coupons & Promotions Module

Promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs have become indispensable in your store. In order to keep customers, come back to your store and remain loyal to your business, implementing these kinds of promotional schemes is very much necessary. Odoo has made it simpler and easier to carry promotions and discounts.

The module “Sales Coupons and Promotion”, has been improved for the enterprise version and has been made available in Odoo community version.


MRP Subcontracting

Odoo 13 has introduced an all-new subcontracting feature for the Bill of Materials.

Often, companies outsource their manufacturing, say the manufacturing of certain parts of their product in order to achieve desired standards. This often helps the companies get value-added materials for their products. Now with Odoo 13, the business can seamlessly carry this practice via subcontracting feature.



Skill Management Module

Odoo 13’s brand new Skill Management Module is an extended version of the Employee Module in Odoo. The Skill Management module envisions to enhance the workflow of employee management in a company.

In this competitive era, employee skills are what make the company run and become sustainable. A proper skills management tool helps in tailoring employees making them fit for the role/job in the organization.

Odoo 13 Skill Management Module helps with managing employee skills at the workplace, managing CVs of your employees, and helps in conducting training sessions for the employees.

The organization can manage all these in one single place. The structured approach of the skill management module helps you in proper decision-making in recruiting a new batch of employees.



Website Form Builder

A module only for Enterprise Edition before, now has become a part of the Odoo Community version. This module doesn’t need much introduction as it is very much deployed in the e-Commerce business circles. The Website Form Builder is known for its user-friendly interface and easy management such as creating various website forms, contact forms and also gathering customer information.



Product Videos on Website

Odoo 13 offers an extensive feature that shows product videos in product pages in the Odoo website. This new feature helps users present their product features in a better way through more visual representation of their products which can draw in more attention compared to the traditional worded descriptions.


Inventory Forecast

The line chart displays the Quantity vs. Time for different products in inventory.

One can simply look at the chart and understand the number of various products on any given date. Also, users are made aware of the incoming and outgoing stock.


Ribbon Widget

With the new Ribbon Widget of Odoo 13, users can easily see the status of an invoice, a PO, or any important document a user might want to track.


Calculator Widget

The new calculator widget in Odoo 13 works for order lines on the invoices, sales order, purchase order, and so forth.

For instance, the field “Price” would show the total cost by adding up every individual input of the user.


“Buy Now” Button in e-Commerce

This is the most awaited feature in Odoo and with the release of version 13, there comes finally the new “Buy Now” button that directs buyers from product page to the Checkout page with product in the cart.


Restrict Available Product Categories in POS


Notable features and changes introduced in Odoo 13:

  1. Print return shipping labels with FedEx
  2. Generate and print return labels for all carriers
  1. Lead Mining – Generate new leads pipeline based on country, technologies, etc.
  2. Chatter made available on Journal & Journal Entry
  3. Sending SMS Text Messages from leads and opportunities
  4. Simplified sales team configuration
  5. Belgian Localization
  6. Importing mass customer invoices in Odoo accounting
  7. Managing assets through account
  8. New form builder in Community Edition
  9. New Approval App.
  10. New Appraisal App.
  11. SMS Marketing
  12. Discuss Module with a new warning icon on Kanban and ListView
  13. Smart Button in Users Form
  14. New Search panel-DEPARTMENT in Employee Module
  15. Search panel in Kanban view
  16. Attendance Status in Kanban
  17. Contract Status in Kanban
  18. Lot serial number on the invoice print report
  19. Partner Map View
  20. Login to POS UI as an employee instead of a user
  21. Manage refunds, returns, coupons, and repairs directly from helpdesk tickets
  1. Odoo e-Commerce Terms and Conditions
  2. PayU Latam- popular payment acquirer in Latin America for online payment
  3. Linking warehouse to your eCommerce
  4. Shipping method is the new delivery method
  5. Login via scanning employee badge
  6. Signature Widget
  7. Setting Out Of Office message on your leaves
  1. Leave is renamed to time off
  2. Improvements in Calendar
  3. The request leads as an In-App-Purchase service
  1. Chartjs for building statistics and more advanced portals
  2. List View Improvements such as mass editing in the list view
  3. Easy Invoicing of sales order; Option to deduct down payments
  1. Payroll from now on in Enterprise Edition not in Community
  2. Updated Style for Error Message
  3. New UI for Lunch Module
  4. New UI for Forum 
  5. Rental App
  6. Field Service Management 
  7. Product Configurator
  8. Configure document layout 
  9. Upload Document; New Activity Type 
  10. Optional Field Visibility
  11. Section and Notes in Purchase Module
  12. Payroll Planning  
  13. Inventory Valuation by Location
  14. Courses in Website
  15. Detect employee’s presence based on activity 
  16. E-Learning- New platform for eLearning, new design and new user experience
  17. Email Marketing
  18. Survey Improvements – online certifications management, test deadline, multiple attempts, on-screen timer, passing score etc. 
  19. Date Filter Improvements
  20. Account invoice merged with Account Move
  21. Easy switching, adding/removing company access 
  22. Timer on Work Orders 
  23. My Profile Option 
  24. Tap to scan for quick product search and inventory operations processing 
  25. HTML editor supporting Checklists 
  26. More flexibility in components’ consumption 

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